27 baptised in Noro, Western Province

Part of the outreach team to Western province

Part of the outreach team to Western province

John and his wife Jocelyn had been praying for a few years that the ‘true church would come’. Their children wanted to go back to church but John and Jocelyn urged them to be patient and keep praying.

When Area Leader Jackson arrived to deliver a bag of clothes from a relative in the fellowship, he shared the gospel with the family. This was the message they’d been waiting for. As the day dawned on 27 June 2018, John and Jocelyn were born again, and a week later, 27 people had been baptised in Noro. Many of those received the Spirit, including John and Jocelyn’s children, and regular gatherings began in their village.

During the outreach, Caliph heard from friends in nearby Munda that people were talking in the town about healing. Caliph had a painful skin disorder and his friends urged him to go and find out more. He approached Pastor Incey, who explained God’s promises, not only of healing, but of salvation and the need to be baptised. For Caliph, going into the ocean was terrible for his skin. He described sea water as his enemy but obeyed the Word of God and was baptised. Caliph came out a new man. His skin was instantly healed and his sores dried up.

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