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From its beginning in Cape Town in 1988, the work in Africa continues to grow. The Revival Fellowship is represented in 14 countries across mostly eastern Africa but with a growing footprint in West Africa. Each year, approximately 500 people are being baptised and 20 or more centres are being added as the Word of God spreads. With the growing work comes growing needs with travel by pastors and leaders within Africa necessary to support new works, hall construction and the ongoing support for revival.


Current projects


Upgraded/new halls for Rwanda

Earlier this year the government in Rwanda shut down over 7,000 churches which do not have a hall built to a newly implemented building standard. Unfortunately, all of our assemblies have been affected by this.

The Mission Fund has already provided funding to allow improvement of 6 existing halls, but 3 new halls are needed to provide a meeting place for a number of assemblies (some will share halls).

The Revival Fellowship Council has decided to provide funds for these new halls. We are planning to send over funds soon with the local members contributing their time and labour on a volunteer basis where they can.


Project updates


Burundi Cattle farm

In neighbouring Burundi, the government has required the church to contribute to building infrastructure at a time where economic sanctions are biting on the country’s economy. We have negotiated with the authorities and agreed that the construction of a small cattle farm (owned by the assemblies) will meet the government’s requirements. To date the Mission Fund has bought the land for the cattle project but this now needs to be developed and 18 head of cattle bought (costing approximately $2,000 AUD/head).

To help raise the funds needed for these projects, we are asking members if they could make contributions through the One-Mission website. If you are able to help please look up the website’s Projects Page to make your donation.

Again, we thank everyone for their support of our Mission work overseas: a lot of worthwhile work is achieved by our relatively small Fellowship.