Frequently Asked Questions

A.How do I change my Bank Account or Credit Card details?

You simply need to contact Debit Success on 1800 148 848 and ask them to change the bank account or credit card details from which the direct debit is made.

B. Can I make a transfer straight from my bank account without joining the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund?

Yes you can. If you’d like to make an ongoing payment to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund without utilising the payment system on the website, you'll need to set up an ongoing donation from your account to the following account: Mission Fund - Revival Fellowship Mission Fund Account BSB - 033112 Account Number - 318460

If you’d like to do a one off payment to one of the Mission Fund projects but not use the Mission Fund website to complete the transfer, please transfer your donation to the following account: Mission Fund – Special Project Account BSB 033112 Account Number 318452

If you have a preference for which project you want the funds to go to please mention that in the reference field when you make the transaction. If nothing is in the reference field it will automatically go to the most urgent project.

C. Are there any fees taken from the donation that I make?

The website uses a third party provider (Debitsuccess Pty Ltd) to facilitate the direct debit facilities and as such there is a small fee associated with each transaction. This fee represents a very small component of the overall donation made and without the expertise and professional facilities provided by Debit Success we could not operate the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund.

D. Who is Debitsuccess?

Debitsuccess is an experienced and professional direct debit facilitator we have chosen to manage the donations. Debitsuccess started operations in NZ in 1994 and has been operating in Australia for the last 10 years in a wide range of industries. It completes over 15 million transactions per annum.

By using Debitsuccess, there is increased flexibility in the way donations are able to be made to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund.

When you set up a transaction you will be taken to the a website of Debitsuccess. This is completely safe and all part of the transaction process. Once you are a member of the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund you will receive a welcome letter from Debitsuccess. This letter is simply recognition that you have agreed for them to facilitate the transfer of your ongoing donation.

E. What will appear on my bank statement?

This will vary depending on your bank. Some may just say ‘Debitsuccess’ and others may say ‘Debitsuccess – RF Mission Fund Donation’. Unfortunately this is not something that can be controlled.

F. How are individual projects chosen?

Revival Fellowship liaison pastors keep in close contact with those pastors ‘on the ground’ throughout Africa, Asia, Brazil, the Pacific and PNG to keep abreast of the most current and urgent needs. Based on their knowledge, these pastors will nominate a project from their area that is the most pressing need. From time to time a particularly urgent project may come along that requires immediate attention (typically as a result of natural disaster). This project may be given top priority among the projects until the required funds have been raised.

G. Do all funds go to Revival Fellowship projects?

Yes. The fellowships overseas are growing rapidly and have increasing needs. All donations will solely support projects initiated by the Revival Fellowship.

H. Who is the Revival Fellowship?

Click here for more details about who we are and what we believe.

I. What happens if I don't have enough funds?

Please try to have the funds in your bank account or credit card each month. But if you don't, it’s not the end of the world. After the first time it happens, you will be sent an email to let you know that the donation didn't go through. You will be asked to try and ensure that there are fees in the account next month. Or you can simply withdraw from the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund.

If it happens twice in a row, you will receive an email letting you know you have been taken off the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund for now until you choose to join again or provide a different account to make the donation from.

J. How can I change what and when I'm donating?

Of course. You simply need to contact Debit Success on 1800 148 848 to make any changes. Please note that $12 each month is the minimum donation that can be accepted via the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund.

K. Can I make a donation from overseas?

Yes you can, however if you are located outside of Australia, we would recommend that you make the donation through your local Revival Fellowship in order to avoid additional fees due to currency conversion.

L. Is there a minimum amount of time I need to commit?

When you sign up as a regular contributor to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund you are only required to commit to that first payment. You may withdraw at any time after the first payment.

M. What do I do if I want to withdraw from being a regular contributor to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund?

Simply contact Debitsuccess on 1800 148 848 to stop your regular payments to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund or to make any changes to your contributions.

N. Are the donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately the donations at this point are not eligible for tax deductions.

O. Is it safe to make the payment online?

Yes. The site that you are taken through to to finalise your payment is a secure and encrypted site run by our direct debit partner Debitsuccess.

As Australasia’s largest independent full service direct debit initiator, Debitsuccess are required to adhere to the highest level of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), are anAuthorised Representative (AR407894) of Transaction Services Holdings Limited (AFSL 338256) within the Australian Financial Services Licensing Regime, and are externally audited on a regular basis.

Debitsuccess spent over $1M making their site secure and are continually upgrading their security systems. Every year they employ professional website hackers to try and break in through their security and access their customer data - none have been able to.

Debitsucces once again recently earnt the highest global compliance rating for customer data security and is one of the few companies in Australiasia to meet the new Level One PCI DSS requirements.

P. Why do I need to provide so many details?

Date of Birth, Driver's Licence No.'s and/or Medicare No.'s are used to confirm the identity of the person completing the form. Given that online applications aren't done face-to-face, this information is used to provide confirmation that the person completing the form is in fact who they say they are. Upon calling Debitsuccess to make any changes to your direct debit, you may be asked for one or more of these details to confirm your identity.

Q. What do the funds donated in to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund go to?

All donations to the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund will go to support the overseas Revival Fellowships listed on the website.

The financial support will care for existing fellowships, subsidize travel costs for those outreaching in new areas, and help pay the wages of full-time local pastors in these countries. The chosen projects may also assist church members to increase their current income or fund a new building to house ever growing fellowships. Without this support, our mission of revival around the world and furthering God’s word would not be possible.