2018 Kenya Rally - The Best Yet!

Sunday communion meeting at the Kenya Rally 2018

Sunday communion meeting at the Kenya Rally 2018

Over 500 Kenyan saints attended this year's Pan African rally held in Masii in Kenya's Machakos county about 2 hours outside Nairobi

Also attended were a tour group of 14 saints from Australia together with Pr Brian Allen, Pr Steve Carr and his wife Toni and 10 pastors and leaders from other parts of Africa.

The strength of the Kenyan work was again well evident as they hosted a well organised rally and conducted a variety of outreaching activities before, during and after the rally. All visitors thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and ministry provided during the rally with speakers from 12 different countries exploring Scriptures on the theme of "Separation".

Four baptisms were conducted during the rally with a further baptism taking place in Machakos on the following weekend. Many regular attendees comments that this was the best of many great rallies held in Kenya.

The rally once again highlighted the continued growth of the work throughout Africa. Pr Paul Patrick from Sierra Leone attended his first rally brought news of the 200+ saints now in 4 centres within and near Freetown, while Br Philip Kahindi from Tanzania attended his second rally reporting on the continued steady growth of the work located near Mwanza in the north of Tanzania.

The rally is partly funded through the Mission Fund while the flights for the visiting pastors and leaders from other parts of Africa are also paid from the Mission Fund.

Without this valuable support, the Pan African rally would not be an international event providing the pastors and leaders from within Africa the forum to meet and discuss various topics aimed at continuing the growth of the work in Africa.

Pastor Steve Carr

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