Zambian church continues to grow

Meeting in Mudunyama, Zambia

Meeting in Mudunyama, Zambia

Pr Eddie Kamavu continues to travel from his home city of Kitwe to visit the 38+ assemblies throughout Zambia.

As he goes, he always has an evangelical focus, preaching the gospel at each centre he visits. His two most recent trips to the Mwinilunga and Zambezi zones have produced a total of 87 baptisms with all but a small number receiving the Holy Spirit immediately following their baptism.

At the assembly of Zambezi itself 15 visitors were baptised with all receiving the Holy Spirit in November. Across the Zambezi River where only accessible by 4WD the Nyatanda saints turned out in force however a lack of water in the lead up to the wet season prevented baptising an additional 5 people (baptism will follow as soon as sufficient water is available).

The assembly in Zambezi is part way through constructing it’s hall. Typical of assemblies in Africa, the local saints make the bricks and build the hall to plate level. Contributions from the Mission Fund are then used to purchase the roofing materials to complete the basic structure of the hall. Doors and windows follow together with finishing the floor with concrete when local or additional funds are available. At Kamayembe, Pr Eddie and the visiting saints from Kitwe helped erect a temporary meeting place in which to hold the meeting before baptising one visitor.

The Zambian church now has close to 1,500 saints and continues to grow well.

Pastor Steve Carr (Liaison Pastor)

November 2018

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