Revival in Uganda is Gaining Momentum

The church in Uganda is gaining strength with regular visitors and baptisms taking place throughout the 8 assemblies now in the country.

Pr Joseph Mbalu visits there regularly from his home location in Nairobi, Kenya to oversee the work in Uganda and reported on his recent trip: "We baptised 14 people with 8 of them having receiving the Holy Spirit - 12 people in Mbale (near Entebbe), one person from  Butongo and another from Busenge."

The latter 2 assemblies are located near the border with DRC where the gospel is being received amongst people threatened by militia groups crossing from DRC. Pr Joseph also reported that the church is now structured into 2 zones of 4 assemblies, each with 2 leaders to guide the work.

The future looks bright for the young church in Uganda as the Lord blesses the preaching of the gospel there.