Why not own a project?

The work in Africa is growing rapidly. In the past year more than 20 centres have opened and with revival comes the need for support, be it with follow up visits, building halls or other needs that arise.

The Townsville assembly recently decided to adopt a project and chose to fund the purchase of land and build a hall for the new centre in Weala. Led by Aaron Geier, the saints in Townsville sold items through Gumtree and quickly raised the funds needed for the project and more which was gratefully used to support other needs.

The Bendigo assembly is similarly funding a farm project in Zambia in which Pr Eddie Kamavu has purchased land but needed equipment and materials to develop the land and enable crop growing.

Examples of current projects that require support are:

  • Motorbike purchase for Malawi

  • Car purchases for Rwanda

  • Kitwe hall construction Zambia

  • Kamayembe hall rebuilding Zambia

For more details on these or other project please contact Pr Steve Carr on 0419 945 723 or by email at carr62@gmail.com.

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