Visit to Malawi and Mozambique Fellowships

Saints from Malo in Mozambique.

Saints from Malo in Mozambique.

On a recent trip to both Mozambique and Malawi, Pr Charles from Kenya reports how the work in this area continues to grow.

Whilst visiting a range of fellowships throughout Mozambique and Malawi, we were blessed to be apart of 51 baptisms and be witness to 50 people receiving the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Throughout the trip were were encourage by the growth of the different areas and the warm welcomes we received from everyone.

To continue the further spreading of the word and the ability for the leaders to fellowship with all the new areas, two new motorbikes were purchased to help with transportation.

As part of the trip we also go to see the progress of one of the newly financed halls at Chindanda in Mozambique. (see image below)

A big challenge for many of the fellowship in these countries is a shortage of food due to a lack of rain and the crops planted by the saints dying after germination as a result. The shortage of food has led to maize and beans being in short supply and expensive to buy. The saints are having to trust the Lord that he will take care of them.

Please continue to keep our saints in these countries in your prayers.

Pr Charles (Kenya)

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