The Power of Prayer Unites Africa

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The Power of Prayer Unites Africa

The annual end of year camp in Kenya is a major event in the local calendar and the recent December camp was one of the largest gatherings of Spirit Filled saints for the region. With over 500 church members attending, all 10 of the countries zones were represented, from across the 62 Revival Fellowships across Africa. Locals were particularly excited to welcome one saint, who traveled from Kenya's newest zone to attend.

Encouraging ministry was shared and centered around the camp theme: The Power of Prayer.

Guest Pastors from across Africa shared updates on the fellowships and revival in Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda. Spreading the word of God in the local region was a key focus during the camp, with outreaching resulting in 17 baptisms and all 17 receiving the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

It was also a great time of fellowship and friendly rivalry with various sports played during camp. With such a large attendance from across the country, many people met for the first time.

With revival sweeping the nation, centres are growing rapidly. To accommodate increasing numbers, there are planned improvements to the existing camp facilities and to increase the existing grounds by purchasing the neighbouring land. With improved facilities, the local fellowships will look to hold more camps, with a particular focus on encouraging the youth of the church with school camps.

Fundraising at the camp was successful and will continue with support from the local African fellowships, Australian fellowships and the Mission Fund.

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