Solomon Islands outreach

Miracles and healings still happen

Matthew 4.23-25 - Mark 16.15-18 - Hebrews 13.8

The theme scriptures of the recent outreach in Western Province rang out through the streets of Gizo and Noro—in word, testimony and song. Planned outdoor concert meetings, village door-knocks and hospital visits went together with impromptu street outreaches. The gospel spread to surrounding villages and came to life for many, as 39 people responded to the call to repent and be baptised during the two-week program in July. Jesus Christ, the healer and miracle worker, continued to draw people to him with signs following.

Revival established in Western Province

Since revival started in Noro just over a year ago, the fellowship has grown to around 50 people. Some of the young people travelled to Gizo to be part of the outreach. They were joined on the streets and in the villages by the outreach team from Honiara.

Gizo, the provincial capital, is a few hours from Noro by boat. Most people live in surrounding islands or villages and visit Gizo for supplies, trade and business, or health reasons. Maintaining regular contact is challenging. As well as baptisms in Gizo itself, 21 people were baptised in two Kiribati settlements in nearby villages, Titiana and Rawaki. Pastor Job Kabinawedi has now moved to Gizo to follow up the newly baptised and Spiritfilled.

Laying down their lives

The vision of revival spreading to all nine provinces of Solomon Islands is coming into focus, blessed with the pioneering efforts of the saints and tireless support of Pastors Incey, Job and Timothy. Despite the significant time and expense, more than 40 saints from Honiara committed themselves to the Western Province outreach. Financial assistance towards transport costs, leaflets and outreach t-shirts helps along the work to establish the churches and spread the gospel further afield.