Gabriella Walks Again

Sisters - Gabi and Lisa

Sisters - Gabi and Lisa

A New Leg for Our Sister

Many people will remember hearing about a family from the Santo fellowship in Vanuatu, who were involved in a car accident in 2012. Sister Gabrielle lost her leg as a result of the accident, and endured a long road to recovery as she continued to raise her family alone.

Gabriella returned home in April, after having spent time in Adelaide being fitted with a prosthetic leg and undergoing the required physiotherapy to be able to walk again. While in Australia, Gabriella joined the Saints for Easter Camp at Carrackalinga, South Australia and enjoyed fellowship with Adelaide saints.

She spent her time staying with Darren and Lisa Barnett and Lisa even flew back to Vanuatu with Gabriella on her return home. A huge thank you goes out to all that contributed to Gabriella and her family, as well as her inspirational journey to recovery.

NOTE: Thank you to Pastor Bob Beverly for the information provided for this article.

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