73 baptised during rally on Tanna

Leader Ben visiting from PNG in the prayer line

Leader Ben visiting from PNG in the prayer line

For 10 days in July a group of 45 Australians travelled to Vanuatu to outreach, assist with followup and to attend our 2nd. National Rally on the island of Tanna.

There were 73 baptisms during the week, with more to come in the near future. We understand that all received the Holy Spirit and many were healed.

Ps. Godfrey Wippon from PNG was the main speaker during the rally and there were two leaders with him from PNG and also Ps.Incey from the Solomon Islands.

The rally was held at Green Point, where the original fellowship started and which was about 30 minutes drive from our accommodation in Lenakel. There are 5 other assemblies in the southern half of the island and now some new converts in a new area for us area called Medelbus.

Local outreaches were held at the Lenakel Markets and attracted many people. We would sing, testify and pray for people at these outreaches.

Our fellowship has existed in Vanuatu since 2002 and in Tanna since 2004. It is growing everywhere. There are now more than 300 people in Tanna and another 7 assemblies on 4 other islands. Principal pastor Willy Rouvoune is travelling to the island of Malekula in the next two weeks to baptiuse 41 people who have left their old church and are waiitng to form a new fellowship there. This will be the third assembly on that island.

The Ni-Van people are generally humble, shy and have a huge love and respect for God. It is so easy to testify about the Lord there - people simply stop and listen to you.

Funds are transferred from Canberra every month to support the work, particularly the overseeing ministry of the Principal Pastor Willy Rouvoune.

The Mission Fund provides some of the funds for these transfers. In addition, a Vanuatu Project Fund also in Canberra receives gifts and donations to support practical projects and building works.

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